Wedding Bitz is Your Number 1 Source of Wedding Accessories

Welcome to Wedding Bitz. We are one of Newcastle’s most trusted source of accessories to make your wedding more exciting and more memorable for you and your guests. We make available items that are one-of-a-kind and will certainly make your wedding more enchanting whatever your theme or motif may be.


Look and feel better when you complete your ensemble with fine, shiny jewellery from Wedding Bitz. Necklaces and earrings are the most common jewelleries worn by brides but tiaras have also become a wonderful, bold option. We also have bracelets with designs ranging from simple to elaborate.


Show your guests how much you appreciate them by giving them a token they can keep with them. Our collection of Bomboniere are affordable and of practical use. Choose according to your taste and budget. If you need more help in choosing, our experts can definitely give you some advice.


Glassware is a good option for thank-you gifts and giveaways. Here at Wedding Bitz, we have a number of glassware available which can be personalised to reflect your theme, motif, and the lovers’ personality.


Surprise your guests with fabulous confectionary. Our quality sweets may be served on the wedding itself as desserts or snacks, or they can be included as your giveaways. We have a wide range of confectionary available, including the most popular chocolates and jelly beans.


Make your wedding a tad bit special with handcrafted stationaries from Wedding Bitz. Specially made stationery can be used as invitations, envelopes, gift cards, table place cards, or RSVP cards. They are personalised to fit the theme and motif of your wedding. For example, we recommend wedding albums from Personalised Keepsakes.

Wedding Wine

Everybody loves a tasty wine especially when they are in a special occasion such as a wedding. Wedding wines may be served during the reception or could be given as a giveaways to your lovely guests. Whatever you need them for, they are available here at Wedding Bitz. Our preferred supplier for wedding wine is Wine Design.

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We are a locally based store in Newcastle, ready to assist you in all of your wedding accessories needs. We are happy to share and exchange ideas with you so you can have an even wonderful wedding and a memorable moment with your loved ones.