It’s not just the grand details that make weddings successful. To those who have experience in organising weddings, it is universally known that the attention to detail, even the smallest ones, are the building blocks to planning an extraordinary wedding.

In order to make your wedding great, you need to have wedding accessories that will make your wedding day more special and unique. Here at Wedding Bitz, we understand that particular need. That is the reason why we have a selection of wedding accessories available for your perusal. Look at our offerings now!

Great wedding accessories from Wedding Bitz

One of the most important parts of any wedding are the memories, and taking pictures is a way to preserve those memories and treasure them for a longer period of time. For your first wedding accessory, consider putting a fashionable disposable camera at every wedding table. Let your guests be unofficial photographers for your wedding, capturing big and intimate moments alike.

You can also have a guest book as a wedding accessory. Know who attended your wedding, let them write messages for you, and remember those words even after your wedding day. We have heaps of designs available for you, like the Rose Bouquet, Bride and Groom, and Gold Wing Roses guestbook. You can use quill pens as additional wedding accessories for your guestbook, or you can also use them as part of your bomboniere.

We have several designs for garters as wedding accessories. We have the simple lace garter, Silver Heart lace garter, Crystal lace garter, and Satin Garter with bow, among others. We also have ring cushions for you, with several designs available. We have a simple ring cushion, Organza Flower Ring Cushion, Heart-Shaped Ring Cushion, and Pearl Edge Ring Cushion, among other designs.

If you want to prepare for your wedding dance but you do not have much time, you can also buy our Wedding Dance DVD. With this simple tutorial DVD, you can learn to dance at your own schedule, while ensuring that your first dance as a couple will be beautiful and fabulous.

These are just some of the wedding accessories offered by Wedding Bitz. Apart from these things, we also offer bridal bags, bubbles, scatters, cake bags, cake knives, stubby coolers, signature bears, and hire items like a wishing well and a treasure chest.

Have the best wedding accessories with Wedding Bitz

Wedding Bitz, a wedding preparation company based in Newcastle, is ready to assist you in your wedding planning needs. We offer high quality and unique accessories at a great price, and we would be happy to be part of one of the most memorable moments of your life – your wedding.