Bucks Party Ideas

Bucks Party Ideas

Want to make your wedding party more exciting? Every detail of your wedding journey, from your planning lunches to your buck’s party, should be as enchanting and memorable as possible. Here at Wedding Bitz, we have a number of exciting bucks party ideas to get your night going.

Planning the best bucks party ever

As the best man, the perfect buck’s party experience begins with your planning. You have the big and incredibly fun responsibility of either pushing the groom to his limits, or pumping him up with a night of royal treatment. There is definitely no room for error if you want the groom and your friends to have a great and memorable night.

Get the bucks party night right with our list of party ideas. You can go for the classic bar crawl, or get more adventurous with exciting activities. You can even add in an exotic dancer or two to add an extra layer of spice.

  • The Ultimate Bar Crawl

No matter what party concept you decide on, no buck’s party is complete without great drinks and even greater company. A bar or brewery crawl is a classic that is always sure to deliver in terms of relaxation and experience. The more drinks and bars you visit, the more hilarious and unforgettable memories you’ll make.

However, it’s shouldn’t be like your regular Friday or Saturday pub night. It’s your mate’s wedding party after all! The groom and his friends should feel like there’s something special about the pub crawl you’ve just arranged.

There are many ways to make a bar crawl the ultimate party possible. You can start by hitting the best breweries and microbreweries this side of Australia, which isn’t difficult with all the options you have. You can also start the night young with the bar crawl, and end with another type of activity or fun later.

  • Fun and games with the team

Before you break out the drinks, you can organise a buck’s party in the form of a game of strategy. A get together in an escape room or an exciting game of paintball can get the adrenaline pumping. Another unconventional idea is to arrange some food cooking classes or crafts session for the whole team.

If you’re hosting a party at home, you can make the buck’s night special with these party worthy games.

It’s not every day that you can round up all the guys together for a spot of fun at home, in the archery range, or in the laser tag arena. Make it extra special by getting the best entertainment, great drinks, and maybe even talented strippers to add more excitement.

·       Pump up the adrenaline

The groom’s ready to take the next step to one of the biggest commitment in his life, and that comes with a lot of nerves and even fear. Get the adrenaline pumping in the right direction with thrill-seeking activities like skydiving and bungee jumping.

Get creative! You can try out everything from a shark tank experience to a speed racing.

·       Unforgettable fun with exotic dancers

Whether you’re hosting the final party at the end of a bar crawl or at home after a day out in the sun, hiring exotic dancers for your party will transform your event. Instead of a regular get together with drinks, you’ll make the buck’s party truly unforgettable with unique entertainment.

Hiring an exotic dancer makes your event unforgettable in many ways, including embarrassing your guest of honour. You can arrange for fun games like naughty musical chairs, boat race, and the balloon challenge.

An exotic dancer can keep the night alive and flowing, especially if you don’t have a structured party program to refer to. With their dancing, skits, and stripper games, your guests will keep enjoying themselves until the end of the night.

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