It’s the little details that transform an already great wedding into an even more extraordinary wedding. When it comes to ensuring that even the most little details are taken care of, there is no better company than Wedding Bitz.

Among a host of other product selections, Wedding Bitz also offers special confectionery, which are sweet and scrumptious delights that would certainly impress and entertain your guests. Weddings are all about providing sweetness, and you can bet that our product selections of confectioneries will enhance the experience of your friends and family at your wedding day.

Taste sweetness at its best with Wedding Bitz

There are heaps of ways by which people can use confectioneries in weddings. For one, these can be gorgeous and tasty fillers for gift boxes, organza bags, or doilies. When put into these particular packages, the gift boxes, organza bags, and dollies filled with confectioneries can be the best bomboniere or thank you gifts that you can give to your friends and families.

Apart from being used as bomboniere, you can also use confectioneries as table scatters, desserts, and snacks. This shows your friends and families that you are looking after them, and that you welcome their support through the whole wedding process.

Wedding Bitz offers heaps of confectioneries – from chocolates and chocolates confetti, to almonds and jelly beans. No matter what taste you want to give out to your guests, we have it packed and ready for you.

When it comes to chocolates, we have several selections that you can choose from. We have KC chocolate hearts, soft centred or solid chocolate hearts, giant chocolate freckles, and chocolate rocks. We also have chocolate confetti, and you can select from sugar coated ones or silver dipped ones, depending on your preference.

If you want to have an alternative to chocolate, we have high quality almonds for you. We have gold dipped or silver dipped almonds, both available at different weights. We also have sugar coated almonds for those who want a sweet but nutty taste for confectioneries. Another chocolate alternative are jelly beans—sweet and delicious treats that are not just colourful, but also flavourful as well.

Get your wedding confectionery from Wedding Bitz

Wedding Bitz is a company based in Newcastle that specialises in providing wedding products in Australia. If you want to have special confectioneries for you wedding, whether as fillers for boxes or as snacks, you may contact us.