Outdoor furniture for your garden wedding party

Many women have fantasized of their dream wedding ever since they were little. Even before their significant other has popped the question, they can already picture it clearly in their minds. Many of these brides dream of an outdoor wedding party. In this age of Pinterest and Instagram, it’s not unusual for women to have an inspiration board of their dream fairy tale garden wedding party.

An important part of your wedding party would be your outdoor furniture. In this article, we give you a few furniture tips, tricks, and hacks to having an unforgettable garden wedding celebration.

Chairs that set the mood while ensuring comfort

One crucial detail that will help bring to life your dream garden wedding party is the type of chairs that you choose. Chairs can be the perfect canvas for creative decorations that can complement the overall look and feel of the party.

However, this can be easily ruined by uncomfortable chairs, no matter how perfect the decorations, lighting, and everything else are. Your guests’ comfort should be the first thing you think about in choosing which chairs to rent. You sure want to make sure that your wedding party is comfortable to everyone, especially to your guests.

The right table shape for your wedding party

Choosing the right table shape for your party is more than just determining what will best suit your theme.

Even though there is no one right table shape for your garden party, Brides.com details how each of the three most common types can be more beneficial for parties of certain sizes and budget:

  • Square tables usually up to 8 guests, making it ideal for smaller parties.
  • Round tables, however, are perfect for those on a budget, as they only need a single centrepiece.
  • Long rectangular tables are often the trendy choice among couples with lengthy guest lists. However, they can be expensive to decorate, as they will need multiple centrepieces.
  • Square and round tables also have compact shapes that make them easy to arrange in small venues, whereas long rectangular tables will need a lot of room.

Prepare for unpredictable weather by choosing sturdy outdoor furniture

Planning every little detail can be a well of emotions, not to mention a huge responsibility. It can be frustrating for the bride to have her dream wedding party pulled out of her reach by reasons she cannot control. That’s why it’s important to consider function, not just aesthetic, in determining which outdoor furniture to rent.

Choose outdoor chairs that are heavy enough to withstand both your decorations and strong winds. It can be distracting, not to mention also embarrassing, to have chairs topple over and distract your guests every now and then.

Be a bridechilla, not a bridezilla

Now, Sydney locals can truly relax and not stress about finding the perfect furniture for their garden wedding party with Como. Their amazing team of designers completely understand how important yet difficult it is to find quality modern furniture that can deliver both in function and aesthetic. That’s why, driven by this insight and their passion for beautiful furniture, they have designed a gorgeous range of outdoor quality furniture. Each furniture is meticulously designed and crafted to deliver a modern and elegant aesthetic. Because of their attention to detail and commitment to quality, it’s no surprise why Como is an award-winning furniture company.

Modern, ergonomic furniture for a fashionable wedding party

Como can be your partner in creating the picture-perfect outdoor wedding party you have always imagined. Renting from its wide range of outdoor furniture can help build various moods to suit your party’s theme — may it be a modern, fashionable soiree by the pool, or a moonlit party emanating elegance and romance.

Even when you are no completely sure yet what kind of outdoor furniture you need, our sales reps will be more than happy to help you with your options. Finding the perfect outdoor furniture for your garden wedding party will definitely be a breeze with Como Furniture.