Weddings are some of the most memorable moments in anyone’s life. It is a day that celebrates a promise and commitment to love, cherish, and to trust. It is a day which celebrates family, friendship, and gratitude for the immense support and guidance provided to the couple. As such, it is important that this day must be given reverence, respect, and a token of remembrance.

After the wedding, there are thank you gifts and giveaways for the people who have attended the celebration. These gifts are symbols of appreciation and gratitude, and are items that couples give their guests to remember them by even after the wedding has ended. Some people give wine, while others give gift boxes with confectioneries. People have gotten creative throughout the years, personalising items that were previously not thought of as bomboniere.

Wedding Bitz is among those who have endeavoured to provide unique, creative, and useful items that will certainly be appreciated by weddings guests from all over. If you want a novelty bomboniere that your friends and family would appreciate, consider purchasing our range of wedding glassware.

Get your wedding glassware from Wedding Bitz

Glassware can be used in weddings in two ways. They can either be used during the wedding as special glassware, or they can be used as thank you gifts after the wedding event has ended. No matter what type of glassware you’re looking for, whether they’re elegantly designed flutes, goblets, or pilsner glasses, or more casual tankards and children’s glasses, Wedding Bitz has all of these ready for you.

We have several designs for flutes as wedding glassware. We have the thinner but taller Sweetheart flute or Angela flute and the wider glasses that are not as tall like the Brigitta Flute and Romy Flute. We also have goblets with classic design like the Julia Wine Goblet, Angela Wine Goblet, Claudia Wine Goblet, and Romy Wine Goblet. If you want glassware which can accommodate more, we also have the Bohemia Pilsner Glass and the Irena Pilsner Glass.

Alternatively, we also have tankards for more casual glassware bomboniere. We both offer glass tankards and stainless steel tankards, with varying sizes and designs. For children, we have the durable Duralex Mug—perfect for clumsy children who want to have fashionable glassware.

Wedding Bitz can personalise your wedding glassware

We have heaps of glassware to choose from – be it classical and elegant flutes and goblets, to more casual and informal tankards and children glasses. Choose whatever kind you want and personalise it with our engraving services. With our standard engraving, silver, gold, and white infill, you can put the name, add a quote or a verse, or even request graphics as engravings for your wedding glassware.

With Wedding Bitz, one of the most trusted wedding services company in Newcastle, you can have these unique bomboniere at an accessible price. Just contact us.