A wedding is not just an occasion for celebration between two people. It is also a day where women are free to dress up in their best clothes, make themselves up, and use certain accessories that would enhance and improve their style. In any wedding, no matter how low-key or grand it is, the use of jewellery for women is always a given. That is the reason why here at Wedding Bitz, we offer a range of beautiful jewellery that are not just elegant, but are also given at an accessible price.

Shine bright with luminous jewellery from Wedding Bitz

If you are looking for a gorgeous yet affordable jewellery for your wedding, look no further and choose upon our fabulous selection of wedding jewellery. These accessories are not just for brides. These can also be used by bride’s maids, sponsors, mothers, and other people who want to show up in the wedding with classic and beautiful jewellery.

We have heaps of products to offer to you. First, we have a necklace and earrings set. You can choose between our Sarah Set, Tanya Set, Catherine Set, Maree Set, Princess Set, Sharon Set, and Crystal Set, among others. There are necklaces and earrings with different designs that all offer classic and elegant looks.

If you want to feel like royalty in the wedding, you can also choose from our range of tiaras. We have several designs like the Lucy Tiara, Tanya Tiara, Angela Tiara, Bianca Tiara, and Kate Tiara, among others. You can choose the design that best fits your wedding theme, be it the simple but elegant Angela Tiara, or the more provocative and grand designs like the Sharon Tiara or Crystal Tiara.

We also have bracelets for women. We have colourful sets like the Tanisha Bracelet and Kayla Bracelet. We also have intricately designed bracelets like the Gabrielle Bracelet, Olivia Bracelet, and Madison Bracelet. If you’re gunning for bracelets with simpler design, you could also go for the Sharon Bracelet or Jennifer Bracelet.

These are just some of the offered jewellery of Wedding Bitz. Apart from necklace and earring sets, tiaras, and bracelets, we also offer chockers, earrings, and hair gems. You can but these jewelleries independently, or you can also mix and match them for fun.

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Wedding Bitz is an Australian company based in Newcastle that focuses on providing everything needed in weddings. Among our host of other products, we offer gorgeous wedding jewellery not just for the bride, but also for the other women participating in the wedding.